The Northside District: A promising enigma

Living in Chapel Hill’s historic Northside neighborhood, I take particular interest in any business or organization whose name features Northside. The Northside District, aptly named for its location just across the street from the neighborhood, popped up some time last fall.



Thin serif letters accompanied by symmetrical foliage make up the logo for the Northside District. A drop shadow overwhelms the frail letters. Perhaps if the shadow sat a bit closer to the letters, it wouldn’t be as distracting. Two branches of wispy, thin leaves create interest and surround the letters “R.B.” I’m uncertain of what R.B. stands for, but the leaves are certainly a nice touch.





The Northside District’s building sign is what alerted me to the restaurant’s existence – it’s a hand-painted sign featuring bright bold colors that contrast well with the black background. Unlike the overwhelming drop shadow present on the online logo, the paints create subtle dimension without diminishing the sign’s readability.





The Northside District’s website is underdeveloped – visitors will find only a photo and the logo on the homepage. Considering Chapel Hill’s Northside neighborhood’s deep history, I was hoping to find a detailed description of the restaurant’s concept and an explanation behind its name.


Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 6.37.07 AM


The website does offer a menu, though the red font color is hard to read against the slate gray background.


Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 6.37.17 AM


When viewing on a mobile platform, however, the background becomes white and text becomes readable.


Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 6.46.36 AM



Facebook – 600 likes | 5/5 stars of 22 reviews

The Northside District has garnered 600 likes on Facebook, but even more impressive is its stellar rating. All 22 reviewers rated the Northside District 5 out of 5, and many studies suggest good ratings can make a big impact on customer perception. One study found that 68 percent of respondents said that positive customer reviews made them trust a local business more.

As far as social media content goes, the Northside District publicizes events like karaoke and “Facebreaker,” a comedy mic night. The restaurant also posts photos of well-presented dishes and promotes daily specials.

For a new business especially, promoting a cohesive brand is vital. Currently, the Northside District’s profile picture is the Tar Heel symbol. It should replace it with its logo.


Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 6.09.53 AM



With its superb reviews and eye-catching sign, the Northside District is off to a good start. To bolster its success, the restaurant should add depth to its website and upload its logo to Facebook.


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